01. What is screen printing?

A: Screen printing is the process of taking a piece of artwork and putting it onto a piece of clothing. This starts with creating or editing the artwork so it is compatible. Then that artwork is broken down by color. After that the artwork is “burned” into a screen so only that portion allows the ink through. Next, the screen or screens are setup on the press, and ink is pushed through onto each piece of clothing. Lastly, after every color is on the clothing, it is run down a dryer to “cure” the ink, allowing it to become permanently part of the clothing. 

02. What is vinyl?

A: Vinyl is the material you typically find on the back of sports jerseys. Using this instead of screen printing allows us to do fewer quantities and still make a quality product. This works great for letters and numbers, but does not work well with multi-color or complex designs.

03. What is embroidery?

A: Embroidery is the process of stitching thread into pieces of clothing to create words or designs onto the fabric.

04. What type of font can I get embroidered?

A: We have several different fonts to choose from for embroidery. The key difference is block lettering versus script lettering:

05. What is the minimum order?

A: For screen printing designs we have a minimum of 24.  For embroidery our minimum order is lower. 

06. Why don’t you have prices online?

A: Every order is unique, based on number of colors, design, stitch count, and set up time. Once we know more about your particular design and idea, we can offer a more accurate price quote.

07. What is an extended size and why is it more expensive?

A: Extended sizes are XXL or larger. They are more expensive because of the extra material used to make each piece.

08. What type of art is needed? Can I send you a picture of my business card?

A: Sadly we can’t do anything with just a picture of a business card. The preferred file type is a Vector Art file. This creates the least amount of work on our end to adjust your design, and thus we can get you your finished product faster and at a better price. We can work with PDF and JPEG only if the resolution of the image is high enough.

09. Can you recreate art for me if I don’t have the files you need?

A: Most of the time we are able to recreate the artwork for you. However, this usually entails an art fee depending on the amount of time it takes to recreate it.

10. Can you create an original logo for me?

A: We can provide original logos for your group or business. This again comes with a one time art fee for the time it takes to create.

11. How long does each process take?

A: The timeline is dependent upon how many orders we are currently working on and the size of your order. This could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We can provide you with a due date when you place your order. Please note all due dates are for the end of the day.

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